Plenty of care and consideration was initially poured into this project from the beginning of the building period, due largely to the fact the block was subject to a section 71. This meant the formation of the cut and subsequent retaining wall would be critical to the end usability and accessibility of the site. Although the garage is made of a waffle pod concrete slab the remainder of the building rests minimally on the earth using treaded pine pole technology.

Absolute comfort has been achieved in this building by enabling the core temperature to be stabilized by using thicker external walls, double glazing and having the ability to direct air movement via large well positioned windows & sliding doors.

A solid Tasmanian Oak staircase is the perfect entry feature as it flows seamlessly into a solid oak floor that encompasses the living area.

Internally this home offers the owners a livable care free environment with the master bedroom area separated from the daily hustle and bustle of family life. A spacious living area has been achieved via a well appointed layout and a beautiful raking ceiling that allows the true volume to be experienced.

The striking exterior appearance has been achieved by combining light weight materials and colour to accentuate the diverse shapes and angles of the unique home.