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Cressy Concept (2015) > Design

This three bedroom house concept was designed around a budget conscious brief that focussed heavily on the family of three spending time together. Situated on a farm, this hard working family required a ‘back entry’ mud room that was associated closely with the bathroom. The brief also called for a centrally located home office as to not segregate the importance of home and work on the farm.

Functionally, the house is split by the central office into living and sleeping ‘wings’. The gable form and timber cladding of the sleeping wing was inspired by the scattering of small farm sheds located around the site while the living wing presents contrasting aesthetics, introducing large areas of glazing and skillion roof form.

Located on a vast site enabled the living wing of the dwelling to be oriented north, maximising solar gain, while the split in plan provides two opposing outdoor living areas to suit the changing direction of the wind.

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