Kings Meadows (2015) > Construct

The Highland Rise Residence is a five bedroom house designed to suit dual use; the rear of the house, the ‘retreat’, is occupied by the owners, separated by a double garage from their daughter’s family to the front of the dwelling.

The dwelling was designed to step with the site, making use of both suspended concrete and waffle pod slabs. Both living spaces celebrate concrete through exposed mechanically polished slabs. The main living area delivers a ‘salt and pepper’ finish, contrasted by the addition of exposed Bakers Beach pebble used in the ‘retreat’. Including electronically controlled in-slab hydronic floor heating takes full advantage of the thorough use of concrete throughout the house.

The main living area of the house is aesthetically emphasized by a raked ceiling and large overhang, oriented to take in the distant views of Mount barrow. Concealed within the ceiling is a marvel of steel engineering and precise welding that spans the 12m long living room. A large bulk head over the kitchen delineates the difference between the kitchen and the lounge room. The volume of space in this room is also celebrated through the introduction of large highlight windows, which aid in air circulation through the use of electric awnings. Quality joinery and pendant lighting enhance this room even further, introducing the warmth of copper and timber into the room.

Externally, this project explores new technology through the use of foam ‘Masterwall’ cladding, enabling seamless parapet walls to dominate the elevation without the need for cap flashing. Feature pop-out windows on the street façade were detailed by My Build during construction. Also clad with the Masterwall system, these windows are effective on the exterior and functional shelving on the interior.

Further supporting the energy efficient hydronic floor heating, this dwelling also incorporates a roof mounted solar system, with secondary gas hot water heating.

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