• Mission Possible for Future Generations Sponsorship
  • Mission Possible for Future Generations Sponsorship

> Mission Possible for Future Generations (MPFG)

My build not only focuses locally for opportunities to improve people’s circumstances but we are also involved at a national level. Our two sponsor children in the Philippians are now given a chance to reach their full potential thanks to a wonderful program called MPFG. 

MPFG is changing lives of children from slum areas around the city of Bacolod in the Philippines. The aim of the charity is to break the cycle of poverty for these children and provide them with a chance to learn to read and write English. Our annual sponsorship enables two children to attend schooling preparation (similar to kindergarten or prep) prior to them being accepted into government schools. The ongoing sponsorship continues to cover the child’s school enrolment, a meal at school, as well as school uniform and shoes.  100% of the sponsorship money goes directly to the necessities of the child and immediate family, including any medical needs or food they may need.

Recently there has been an introduction of team sports into the schooling curriculum, allowing sponsorship to also provide sports uniforms if the funds are available.

There are approximately 210 children currently sponsored through MPFG, and there are many more children on the waiting list wanting education. Some children are now entering college, only made possible because of the sponsorship program.

More information e-mail: mpfg@bmi.org.au  Or www.bmi.org.au/mpfg

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