> Process – 3 Easy Steps

Our process encompass’ three easy steps that provide you with the opportunity to have on-going involvement with the development throughout the project design and detailing. These steps offer you the time to reflect on the proposed concept and make any alterations that you deem necessary.  The design development stage also provides an ideal opportunity to concentrate on detailing internal joinery items, and lighting and electrical layouts.

While we provide multiple opportunities to refine the documentation of your new home, or extension, on paper, our ‘design and construct’ model also provides the opportunity for you to make minor amendments to detailing, material selections and electrical layouts throughout the construction stage of your project. We believe that our process delivers the result of a completely unique custom designed home.


> Concept Design

The concept design stage begins with an initial meeting to discuss your project brief and budget. Throughout this stage we visit the building site to complete a site analysis and required master planning. We also us this stage to complete statutory investigations relating to your site, including; applicable council codes, existing service mains, National Construction Code requirements etc.

At the completion of the concept design, we meet with you to present the documentation to date and discuss alterations you may wish to make and answer any questions that you may have. At the completion of the concept presentation, we proceed onto developing your project through the design development stage with you.

> Design Development

Throughout design development, the initial concept is refined ready for submission to your local council for a Development Application. This application includes; site plan, floor plan (s), elevations, and shadow studies (if required).

Proceeding this, we continue to develop the drawing set until it is 100% complete and ready for soil testing, structural engineering, energy assessment, Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) report (if required), waste water treatment design and report (if required), and council submissions for Building and Pluming Applications.

Once documentation has completed, we provide a competitive tendering process to trusted sub-contractors that we use frequently. This helps us to for a building contract quotation ready for signing a building contract.

> Construction

We have in house builders that we trust to run our on-site team. We have a range of builders from site foremen to apprentices. We work with you and them throughout the entire process to create an organised and seamless process for you to enjoy. Throughout construction, we will provide you plenty of notice as to when you will need to select plumbing fixtures and joinery items, etc., if you haven’t done so already.